angry man

I was recommended an extension for joomla this week via twitter, so naturaly I had a look. The link provided to me was to the Joomla extensions directory where I saw that the extension was both licenced under the GPL and non-commercial.

I read the description and the reviews and it sounded promising so I hopped over to the developers web site to download it for myself and have a play.

And that is when my blood started to boil (again).

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You would think that is a stupid question. Of course every web master wants their site to be usable by the largest number of users. And no web master wants to break the law, and there are many laws around the world that attempt to create an equal playing field.

Yes it is true that to create some of the cooler aspects of a web site in an accessible manner can be very hard but there is NO EXCUSE at all for a site to missing ALT tags.

Handing over a web site to a client is always a satisfying feeling but is it always finished?

Of course you should always aim to complete everything on the client's brief and to their specifications but are there times when it is best to hand over the site when you still have some work to do?

Recently I have found more and more that I am handing over web sites that are perhaps only 90% complete or that have temporary solutions in place.