drop down menu usabilty failure

The other day I was conducting a review of a new web site and came across my favourite usability failure.

Drop Down menus suck!!

Not the whole menu of course just the bad habit of site builders who add functionality to the top level link.

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With every web browser on the planet rendering differently it's a constant battle ensuring that your beautifully and painstakingly designed web site looks just as gorgeous on all browsers.

Personally I build a site entirely using Firefox and only at the end of the build process do I look at it in other browsers, curse and swear and then start to fix issues.

But what is the best way to check your site on multiple browsers?

If there is one thing I am fairly confident of this year is that touch will become an even hotter topic.

The recent CES saw a plethora of new touch enabled computers, Apple is still promising to release the iSlate (maybe even this week) and more people are browsing the web every day on their mobile phone.

So have you checked to see if your web site is touchable?