rapid iphone developmentA few months ago I joined the dark side and bought a Mac because I had an idea to build an iPhone app for one of my largest clients.

I'm not a programmer although I like to think I am quite good at reading code and hacking it, I just don't have the skills to start from scratch.

But my app was fairly basic, really not much more than an on-line book, so how hard could it be? Surely I would be able to re-use some of the skills I have learnt over the years with Joomla.

With my shiny new Mac I downloaded the iPhone SDK, bought a few books, installed the IDE and stared at the blank screen not knowing where to start.

As with so many things in life this looked destined to be one of those ideas that never came to fruition. So I put the iPhone development on the back-burner and moved on to other projects.

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Where do I begin…

There are so many reasons to have quality content on your website and your reputation is #1. Without a clear and effective message, you will lose visitors.

Take a step back and really look at your website’s home page. Just the home page. What do you see? If you landed here inadvertently- would you know what the business or service is that the owner is providing. Are you the intended audience for such services? If you are a potential client, do you know what to do next?

Now that might seem like a strange thing to say but if you don't fail at some things then it means that "you are not trying hard enough".

If we always take the "safe" option that has guaranteed success then we will never truly move on and progress.

When I started this blog, and it took a lot of convincing to do it, I took a decision that this blog would not be the usual Joomla blog.

My intention is to write articles that are of interest to a wide audience and to not only provide "tips and tricks" and republished "product news" but also to write articles that are "challenging and make you really think".