Man drinking coffee while reading about joomla on a laptop

Unlike many other CMS that are page based, Joomla is much more dynamic with everything based on the menu item. When you select a menu item Joomla decides which view to display, which blocks to display and even which theme.

One of the major advantages of this approach is that content can inherit the settings of a parent so you don't have to design every page. At the same time this inheritance can be source of confusion, despair and even anger.

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After seven years of hosting all my sites and my client's sites with SiteGround I've moved everything to a new hosting provider, ScalaHosting. I've held on to this post for a few months to make sure that everything worked as intended. I wouldn't want to publish a recommendation until I had truly tested it in the real world.

To make a powerful application such as Joomla understandable is not an easy task. It is something that I think we have done a reasonable job with over the years but there is always room for improvement.