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Don't reinvent the wheel
Don't reinvent the wheel

I've got another new toy.

I was having a little trouble today to think of a blog post that would actually be interesting.

I was going to write about my experiences testing an SVN a copy of joomla I. 6 but the current state of the svn made that unproductive.

So instead I am just going to wattle for a little bit to showcase my new toy. It's a digital pen.

It writes on regular paper just like a normal pen but a little usb black box is Clipped to the top of my notepad.When I plug the black box into my PC everything I have just written in my very poor handwriting is automatically converted into normal text.

I can then edit the text, make any conversion corrections, and paste it into joon la.

So that is exactly what I have done with this biog post, except to showcase the quality Of the conversion I have not made any corrections at all.

Buy my hand hurts after all this old school wriling.

Switching back to keyboard mode I think you will see that the pen did a pretty good job at capturing my handwriting but it sure is quicker to type than it is for me to go back to pen and ink.

However the real benefit from this pen is that I can use it anywhere. It doesnt have to be plugged in to the computer except to transfer the data.

Unlike other similar products it does not require expensive pads or clipboards any paper will so it really is portable and very quick to use.

I can even use it to sketch out plans for a web site.

sketch design

If after all this waffle you are remotely interested in getting your own digital pen it's called a Digiscribble Mobile Note Taker.

J o o m l a !

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Brian Teeman

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