Do we need vowels?

Do we need vowels in order to read effectively?

Neither arabic or hebrew use vowels in common use so are they really necessary?

Does our brain automaticaly fill in the missing information for us?

Try and see if you can read the following two paragraphs.

Wht s Jml?

Jml s n wrd-wnnng cntnt mngmnt systm (CMS), whch nbls y t bld Wb sts nd pwrfl nln pplctns. Mny spcts, ncldng ts s-f-s nd xtnsblty, hv md Jml th mst pplr Wb st sftwr vlbl. Bst f ll, Jml s n pn src sltn tht s frly vlbl t vryn.

Wht's  cntnt mngmnt systm (CMS)?

cntnt mngmnt systm s sftwr tht kps trck f vry pc f cntnt n yr Wb st, mch lk yr lcl pblc lbrry kps trck f bks nd strs thm. Cntnt cn b smpl txt, phts, msc, vd, dcmnts, r jst bt nythng y cn thnk f.  mjr dvntg f sng  CMS s tht t rqrs lmst n tchncl skll r knwldg t mng. Snc th CMS mngs ll yr cntnt, y dn't hv t.

Why am I writing this right now and what's with the picture? Quite simple really, every time I read about CCK in Drupal my mind fills in the missing vowel.