user interface design

Recently I've spent quite a lot of time looking at how users actualy use a website, where the mouse goes, what the eye scans etc.

It has also been interesting comparing how users with a mouse work differently to those with a trackpad. So as a bit of "Friday fun" have a look at this experimental web site that I bookmarked some time ago.

Can you resist to click

[warning: this will either inspire you to throw the mouse away or to throw it at the screen.]

I logged into my gmail account today to see that I can now chose templates.

Along with the usual colour variants and subtle style changes there are some funkier templates for Ninjas, Kids, graffiti artists etc.

I wonder how long it will be before gmail template clubs open up?

This week I was approached by a book publisher, to review their books on this site. After pointing them to my blog honesty post they agreed to send me two of their latest books for review.

Unfortunately it is not possible to review them because the publisher, Packt, doesn't trust me or you.