Microsoft Eating an Apple

Last week disaster struck - the screen on my trusty MacBook Air died. It had been my regular computer since 2012 but as someone else pointed out I had already replaced the motherboard, the keyboard, the charger (four times) and the battery so maybe it had seen its day. It certainly is the longest I have ever had a computer without needing to upgrade it to something newer and faster.

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I have spoken in public perhaps over hundred times and yet before every presentation my hands shake and I have a funny feeling in my stomach. If I have to use a hand-held microphone you will even be able to see the shake.

This is not nerves or me being afraid. This is adrenaline pumping through my body. This is perfectly normal so I just accept it and go ahead with the presentation.

You've probably noticed that I use some pretty big photos on each blog post here. That should mean big file sizes - but it doesn't have to.

When you take a high resolution digital photo and simply resize it for your web site you are NOT compressing it. Or if you are, then you are probably not compressing it as much as you could be.