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dont be afraid to speak

I have spoken in public perhaps over hundred times and yet before every presentation my hands shake and I have a funny feeling in my stomach. If I have to use a hand-held microphone you will even be able to see the shake.

This is not nerves or me being afraid. This is adrenaline pumping through my body. This is perfectly normal so I just accept it and go ahead with the presentation.

Your first time

It is perfectly understandable and normal though for you to be apprehensive. We all are when we do something for the first time.

What you shouldn't do

Everyone you ask will give you some advice for your first presentation. Sadly most of it will be complete hogwash and not only will not help it can actually hinder you.

Alcohol doesn't help

A quick drink in the bar before you speak does not give you courage. What it will do though is make you want to pee during your presentation. No one wants to be standing in front of an audience presenting the results of all their hard work in a presentation when all they can think of is where is the nearest toilet.

Think of them naked

Whoever was the first person to suggest that you can overcome your nerves by thinking of the audience naked obviously had never spoken at a tech event.

Seriously, could you think of a room containing less attractive people. If you are even successful in imagining that the room is full of naked people that will be more of a distraction than any butterflies in your stomach.

If they are all naked then why are you the only one fully dressed?

What you should do

There really is only one speaker tip that is guaranteed to help especially when you are presenting at a JoomlaDay, Joomla User Groups or Joomla conference.

Don't Panic

So let the audience keep their clothes on, relax and do your best. That is all anyone can ever ask of you. If you make a mistake and press the presentation remote twice don't panic, take a breath, and carry on.

Nobody wants you to fail

Not one person, sat there in front of you, waiting for you to speak wants you to fail. They want you to succeed! They want you to be informative, to speak clearly and most importantly they want to learn from you.

Why else would they be there? Seriously nobody has turned up to see you fail - especially at a multi-track event where they could be listening to someone else.

J o o m l a !

Brian Teeman

Brian Teeman

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