whisper in ear

When a friend asks you if you know someone who can do a very skilled task do you:-

  1. recommend the guy you met in the pub last night
  2. recommend your best mate
  3. recommend somebody you have heard of from twitter or Facebook
  4. recommend somebody who you have personally used to do that very skilled task.
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It seems that almost everyday there is a new social media opportunity appearing online which is immediately followed by an inevitable land grab phase. But before jumping on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest thing to hit the net take a moment to think.

Are you getting the maximum benefits you could from your current social media streams? Are there some that just didn't work for you? Are you missing opportunities because you just don't get it or did you not put in the time and effort and create a consistent social media presence.

I give a lot of presentations throughout the year and last night I represented Joomla at the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in a panel debate on Open Source knowledge/skills gaps across HM Government.