Increase the screen resolution on your Macbook

Increase the screen resolution on your Macbook

I use a macbook air as my only computer and I do not have an external display. This means that my screen has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900.

For those of you with multiple monitor setups you might think it is odd but it works for me and forces me to concentrate on the task at hand (or it would if I didn't have a tablet and phone as well).

Visiting a friend over xmas I connected the laptop to a large HD screen to watch a movie. I was surprised to see that the resolution on the laptop also increased.

How was that possible? How was my laptop displaying at a higher resolution when connected to an external display than it would on it's own?

I don't know why that happens but I have now found out how to customise the resolution on the laptop to pretty much whatever I want even when it is NOT connected to an HD display.

This blog post is really just here as a reminder to me in the future and maybe someone else will find it useful - no warranty and no guarantees.

When you know what to do it is remarkably easy.

If you want to change the resolution and don't fancy following these instructions then there are some apps you can buy which may be better for you.