Mitzvah Day

At some point in a web developers life you will no doubt be asked to build a web site using the organisations standard font or some wierd and wonderful font a photoshop designer has set their heart on.

Despite much talk in the standards bodies to permit the embedding of fonts in a web page this is not yet a viable option and we are left to either convince the client they can only use web standard fonts or to create the text using an image.

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There are many different approaches to keeping your email inbox under control. Personaly I always try to answer emails as they arrive as I fear that if I let them stack up I will never answer them.

Today I was pointed to a slightly different approach, although perhaps recipients of my email replies might feel that I have always used it.

This post is here because in the last 3 weeks I must have googled for the answer about 5 times.

How do you search and replace a word in a database using phpMyAdmin?