security alert

It should be obvious but it seems that people need a reminder.

You should only ever download files from their original source!! If you don't how will you ever be certain that what you are downloading is the real deal and doesnt have some hidden backdoor.

Not long ago a new version of wordpress was released at which wasn't actually the real deal.

Don't fall into the same trap!.

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Where is joomla based? Where is the top secret bunker that holds all the joomla secrets? Is it on Tracy Island, Isla Nubar, Gilligan's Island or perhaps the mystery island of Lost.

In recent months there has been alot of talk in the Joomla world about the use of the word "joomla" in a domain name. I'm not going to rehash the argument here regarding the trademark of the word joomla and the usage of that trademark in a domain name, I'm fairly clear on my views on this.

But today I read the report of a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) arbitration panel regarding the use of a third parties trademark in a domain name that I thought would be of interest.