learn joomla fast

Today I found a new book for Joomla! that aims to be a

"beginner's visual step-by-step guide to setting up useful websites using Joomla! in a few hours!"

Released under a Creative Commons Atrribution 2.5 India License.

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This post has been through several revisions whilst I temper my anger!

A common e-mail from myself to some of the people that I have helped build web sites starts something like this....

"Very disappointed!!! I spent ages making your web site accessible to all. I spent ages showing you why it was important to make your web site accessible. I showed you web sites that didn't have any alt tags for images and how unusable that made your site. I showed you how easy it was to at the very minimum give an image an alt tag. And what do you do as soon as my back is turned...."

Obviously on this site it's on the top right corner of the page. But why is it there and can you still search the site if there isn't a search button?