automatic translation

I'm often asked for an extension that will translate a website into other languages. Although there are several available at JED that provide automated translation services I can never recommend them.

Why? Well if your content is important enough to you to write it in the first place then it is important enough to ensure that the translation is correct and no automated service will ever capture the nuance of a language accurately.

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I love the ability in Joomla 1.5 to override the developers idea of how to present the data without touching their code. This means I can modify the output to my hearts content safe in the knowledge that if a new version is released my changes won't be lost.

Well that's almost true.

Dork : An inept or foolish person

What does this have to do with Joomla? Well a dork is also the name given to the method hackers use to identify if a site is running a vulnerable extension.

As soon as a vulnerability in an extension is revealed in either the hacker forums or on responsible security sites such as milw0rm or The Open Source Vulnerability Database the hackers of the world use google to search the net for sites using that extension.