rss newsreader and feeds

A few weeks ago I was chatting on skype with Fotis from discussing the merits of various different RSS news readers or aggregators.

Despite trying several neither of us really were satisfied with what we had found.

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I started this  blog in response to a few of my friends "demanding" I put some of my thoughts and tips & tricks down in writing.

Of course I hopped that other people would stumble upon this blog and find it interesting but I never expected  the readership to grow so large so quickly to an average of 1500 visits every day.

One thing that I often disagree about with extension developers is their naming of Joomla extensions.

When marketing an extension, irrespective of it being free or commercial, the challenge is to clearly identify the product as being for joomla.

Many developers believe that to achieve this they need to name their product in the form "Joomla Newsletter". To me this is wrong and potentially confusing, as to the inexperienced user they may believe that this is a product made by the Joomla project when it isn't.