portable joomla training suite

In this small leather bag, that is approximately 25cm x 25cm or 10" x 10" in old money, I carry my portable Joomla training suite.

It's my own TARDIS

It may be small on the outside but its enormous on the inside. In the bag I carry:

  • laptop for the presentation
  • projector
  • spare laptop
  • usb stick
  • mobile broadband
  • keyboard
  • Joomla and web design reference books
  • a few bits and pieces
  • an interactive white board (see video)
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One of the changes in Joomla 1.5.8 is changes with some of the newsfeeds supplied as sample data which according to this bug report

It appears that all Joomla installations have been providing a loophole for advertising for Linuxcentral.com products in every installation"

This suprised me as very few of the Joomla sites I visit actualy use the newsfeed component to display feeds, so if the component isn't in use on a site how is this happening?

Spot the difference was one of my favourite games when I was a child.

(No Wii or Playstations when I was a child, and only 3 television stations - how did we ever survive such a primitive lifestyle).

I always struggled to find all the differences, my sister was so much better at this game than me.

But I bet everyone can spot the differences in the next picture - a screenshot of the Joomla administrator interface.