Joomla! ® the next 10 years

During the Joomla World Conference I was able to present an alternative proposal for structural change for Joomla. Based on a previous blog post the transcript of my presentation and a video of it together with the slides is below.

You can find a transcript of all three presentations and the Q&A session here - thanks to Marijke for taking the time to transcribe everything.

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I have just returned from the third Joomla World Conference and I think it is positive to reflect on the event - the good and the bad. In my JoomlaIgnite session I said it is "good to fail" because that means you are trying hard and that the challenge is to recognise those failures and react quickly.

It is no secret that I was not in favour of creating an event at a beach resort in Mexico. My main objection was that creating an event where people were encouraged to attend with their families would destroy the community feeling.

On Friday night in Cancun, Mexico at the third Joomla World Conference I presented an Ignite session. Ignite is a presentation format where you have 20 slides and only 15 seconds before each slide changes. What I actually said on the night you will have to wait for the video but this is what I intended to write.

This is my family - they are all lawyers and the one in the middle is a judge. 9 and half years ago lawyers like them gave me some advice - Keep quiet - don’t say anything until you have made all your decisions - That was wrong and bad advice.