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Happy 10th Birthday Joomla

In the world of software development and especially the internet that is an incredible achievement and one truly deserving of recognition and celebration. Joomla is so much more than software to produce web sites. Joomla has shown that there is another way - a way for people to work together from across the globe.

We live on a planet divided by race, religion, culture and politics and yet at any time you can find members of the Joomla community ignoring our differences and working together and celebrating our connections.

I have stood on the stage and looked out at an audience of people from many religions and cultures that without Joomla would perhaps never dreamed of meeting "one of them". I have seen people working together side by side to produce something that is better for everyone and not just for themselves. I have seen Joomla, even in a small way, help to remove those barriers and open peoples minds and hearts.

I find a great joy in meeting new people with different backgrounds but sharing the same vision. I continue getting inspired to constantly learn more and be a better person - Emir Sakic co-founder
People that demonstrated the most amazing aspects of the human race: generosity, kindness, strength, dedication, creativity, energy, practicality, and more - Mitch Pirtle co-founder
The day to day collaboration with many members of the Community to make the tool better and better for sure, but also, with some, to share a common vision of a better world. Ten years of life without borders. Ten years of fun. - Jean-Marie Simonet co-founder

If Joomla has taught me anything over the last ten years it is that there is nothing that can not be achieved when people work together. That no one person has the answer to everything. That there are many ways to reach a goal. 

This is just the beginning

The Joomla community can be proud of everything that it has achieved over the last ten years but as we have seen already the connected world we live in doesn't stand still. Everyday there are new challenges and opportunities. We can't afford to sit back and congratulate ourselves for what has been achieved for too long.

We must look forward and continue on a journey that has only just begun. A journey that has shown that amazing things can be achieved when people work together towards a common goal.

J o o m l a !

Brian Teeman

Brian Teeman

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