poll results

I've never used the Joomla "polls" component before so I was suprised today to realise that there is no option to disable the "results" button.

However you use a voting system it's results are always dependant on the number of participants in the vote. Or perhaps I should more accurately say in politic-speak the election turnout.

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"Not a lot of people know this" but in 1990 I was lucky enough to be filmed as an extra in Star Trek.

Whilst I was a fan of the show I wouldn't go as far to say I was an addict, still it was fun to get the full Hollywood special effects make-up treatment.

Sadly we weren't allow to take photographs and even I can't recognise myself in the relevant episode.

But the event always stayed in my mind so when the push to "internationalise" joomla began I purchased a Klingon-English dictionary so that joomla would not only be available in every language on earth but in every known language.

Happy New Year to you all.

Of course I'm not really so sad as to be sat typing this blog post at midnight on New Years Day. It's actualy 15:53 on the 29th and I'm using the "Start Publishing" feature of joomla.