happy new year

Happy New Year to you all.

Of course I'm not really so sad as to be sat typing this blog post at midnight on New Years Day. It's actualy 15:53 on the 29th and I'm using the "Start Publishing" feature of joomla.

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Hopefuly by now you will have read Steve Krug's excellent book "Don't Make Me Think" and you will have understood how we  speed read a website looking for the relevant content.

But how does a blind person "speed read"? Do they have to "read" all the content of the website or do blind people "speed listen"?

I've always said that once you start using joomla it's like a highly addictive drug that is impossible to let go.

So when I stumbled upon this unattributed chart comparing drug dealers and geeks I just had to produce a joomla version.