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bob the joomla builder
bob the joomla builder

Joomla is great but I bet everyone has their own set of extensions that they always install on a site, I know I do.

This will either mean that you have to spend extra time installing them before you can get started on the real work or that you have built your own custom joomla install.

I've built several of them myself in the past and they must have saved me tens of hours.

It's relatively easy to do it but is in itself time consuming and of course you have to ensure that you keep all of the constituent parts up to date.

This week I spotted a new "build a joomla install" service from

The idea is very simple

  1. Pay a very small admin fee
  2. Select the GPL joomla extensions you require
  3. Download your custom joomla build

The selection of available components, modules, plugin, templates and languages includes virtually all of the "big hitters" plus a few I haven't personally tested before.

Currently the only extensions that are availble are those GPL extensions that are available without cost. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the GPL business models if they decide to include commercial GPL extensions as well.

I haven't tested this service myself but it sounds like a valuable contribution to me. The only caveat is that under the current joomla system there is no way to guarantee that the code you are receiving has not been "altered".

J o o m l a !

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