Easter egg in software

No I haven't gone mad and got my calendar wrong I really am talking about Easter Eggs. But not the nice chocolate type we get here in the UK or the painted bird eggs more common in the USA.

Instead I'm talking about the hidden, often undocumented, commands buried inside software, dvd and even web sites.

Usually they are just an exercise in a talented programmer having a joke at their boss, but sometimes they can provide extra and useful functions.

And sometimes they strip a joomla designer naked!!

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On January 22nd 2008 Joomla! 1.5 was first released to the world. It's hard to believe that joomla is now one year old.

It was a long time coming but for me at least the wait was worthwhile. Without the flexibility and power of 1.5 I would never have been able to produce complex sites like  www.reformjudaism.org.uk and www.mitzvahday.org.uk or this blog.

Is your admin interface in joomla secure?

Could you make it more secure?

Could Joomla itself force some extra security?