gregory house

Gregory House the grumpy doctor of TV fame specialises in solving the problems that no other doctor can.

Famously he says "All patients lie!".

Of course what he really means is that you shouldn't believe everything the patient says about their illness and symptoms as they do not have the skills to accurately describe them.

Patients also have a tendency to neglect to inform you of facts which seem irrelevant to them but are crucial to a successful diagnosis.

The same is true for supporting users!
Don't believe what you can't see with your own eyes!

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I've hinted about this new uberextension before but now its here and available for download.

“climb every (Joomla!) mountain with K2”

In a recent blog post I talked about an extension under development that has really got me excited. And it takes quite a lot to get me excited these days!

Tonight I got a quick skype message from the author that the release is only hours away.

Patience may be a virtue but I've been waiting for this for a very long time now and the anticipation is really getting to me.