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I had to smile today, and boy do I need something to smile about right now., which is perhaps one of the biggest sites on the net, re-launched their site under new ownership and now powered by joomla.

All those years ago when we founded joomla I don't think we coud have thought of a web site that we woud have liked to see run joomla more than this one.

Of course I just had to dig a little further to have a look and see what extensions they are using.

  • The template used is Vauxite from JoomlArt
  • The slideshow is Frontpage Slideshow from JoomlaWorks
  • Commenting is with Jom Comment from Azrul
  • The Learn Answers section uses the excellent QuickFAQ from Schlu
  • The Directory sections is navigated with Mosets Tree from Mosets
  • User Registration and Community pages are of course using Jomsocial from Azrul
  • Blogging is handled with MyBlog from Azrul
  • Community Events are listed with Eventlist from Schlu
  • Downloads uses Sobi2 from Sigsiu
  • JReviews from Reviews For Joomla powers the Directory section
  • The forum is created with kunena, perhaps the only real joomla forum, from


I'm sure there are probably more extensions being used but that's all i could find for now. runs joomla


It's interesting and encouraging that The Linux Foundation have chosen their extensions based on their suitability for the task and their clear market leading excellence.

More information about the new site is available here. select Joomla extensions on quality not price, encryption or licence?

J o o m l a !

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