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I'm an avid reader of newspapers, not just the sport but everything, and despite it's slightly right leaning politics The Times is my preference. I devour every page, even the obituary column which provides a wealth of information not just on the rich and famous but also those more "ordinary" people who have led "extra-ordinary" lives.

Having travelled across large parts of the World this may seem strange to some of you as I've found that the newspaper in many countries has been degraded to covering just local news, sport and adverts.

The Times app for the iPad includes the entire printed newspaper, even with the crosswords and sudoku puzzle, so I get the same content on the ipad as I do in print.

A newspaper or magazine app is of course only as good as it's content but so many publishers only offer a pdf style view and don't take advantage of the richer experience that the iPad can offer.

As I read the newspaper on my iPad I can view additional photos and even video clips. There are less adverts too which is a bonus and my fingers don't get black from the ink.

Many apps like this are just web apps requiring a permanent connection to the net but with The Times you download the entire newspaper and then can read it offline whenever and wherever you want.

This app is exactly what the ipad is made for and if the soon to be published iDaily newspaper is anywhere near as good it is sure to be a success. iDaily is made by the same company but we will have to wait and see if the quality of journalism is as good.

(Note: The Sunday Times app is different. I don't know if it was developed by different people but the experience is not as good.)

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