stolen briefcase

Everyday a new warez site pops up on my google alert offering me the latest and greatest Joomla extensions and templates. I am not a developer but I talk to several every day and each time the conversation turns round to how to stop rapidshare, megaupload etc. or which method of encrpytion to use.

But what is the point! All encryption can be broken, people dont like encrypted software and the time spent firing off emails to ISP, domain registrars and hosts could be far better spent.

Take it as a compliment and a free advert that someone is ripping of your work and move along. I know I did.

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There has been a lot of discussion and debate regarding the GPL and Joomla's use of it, or should I say "amended" implementation of it.

After a lot of thought I tried to condense my views into one relatively short article, which I am reproducing here for posterity. It was obviously written some time ago.

On December 20th 2004 I set off on my travels. This time I was going to go white water rafting and trekking in the Jungles of Western Thailand on a guided trip supported by elephants.

As a committed off-beat traveller I've been to Thailand many times before but this trip was going to be a little different.

Over the previous few months I'd heard good things coming out of Thailand in relation to Mambo. The occasional postings in the forums at and announcements of Thai language versions of Mambo and various components at had intrigued me.