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I had to smile today, and boy do I need something to smile about right now., which is perhaps one of the biggest sites on the net, re-launched their site under new ownership and now powered by joomla.

All those years ago when we founded joomla I don't think we coud have thought of a web site that we woud have liked to see run joomla more than this one.

Of course I just had to dig a little further to have a look and see what extensions they are using.

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Detractors of Free & Open Source (FLOSS) software often accuse it of being the home of the politicaly left wing.

That is certainly not something that could be send of The Adam Smith Institute.

The Adam Smith Institute was long a favorite of Maggie Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and the Conservative Party, "as the founder of free market economics".

Even though I am known to many as Mr Gadget man I don't own an iphone. I've just never seen the point!

My windows based mobile has done everything I wanted it to do, and I already own an mp3 player and digital camera.

But today perhaps this has all changed. As someone who is regularly out on the road I rely on my portable joomla training suite to keep me intouch with the world and more importantly in control of my clients web sites.

Now Joomla! administration has finally found its way to the iPhone with J Admin Mobile (JAM!)(iTunes link).  JAM! will allow you to manage many of the core Joomla! 1.5 features right from your iPhone!