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missing piece to the puzzle
missing piece to the puzzle

One of the slides I had to drop from my "Hidden Joomla Secrets" presentation was an ugly hack to solve what for me has been a long standing issue with Joomla user registration.

By default joomla provides no method to pre-approve registrations before providing access. Currently there are two choices

  1. Automatically approve on signup.
  2. Automatically approve once email has been confirmed.

There is no option for the site administrator to approve registrations first. For me that has been an issue on many sites, hence the ugly hack, and I see many people installing complex extensions e.g. Community Builder to resolve this simple issue.

Not any more!!

Now you can install a simple plugin from Jean-Marie Simonet (aka infograf768), the "grandfather of joomla" that resolves all of this.

The Multilingual registration approval plugin solves all of this. It changes the joomla registration process so that:

  1. User signs up
  2. User confirms email address
  3. Admin receives notification and a one click link to approve the registration
  4. Admin approves registration
  5. User account is created

And of course it is available in multiple languages. What else would you expect from the one man who has done more to drive the internationalisation of joomla. (The inspiration for this plugin comes from an obscure plugin "admin approval".)

This is one extension that is going to be part of every site install I do from now on. Part of my "essential joomla extension toolkit".

J o o m l a !

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