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low fat JAM on the iPhone
low fat JAM on the iPhone

Back in April I published news about a Joomla administrator application for the iPhone.

With these trying times, $9.99 may be a lot for an iPhone user to invest on an iPhone App.  This is why Covert Apps has just released a free, ad supported lite version, or "low fat" in Brit speak, of J Admin Mobile!

$9.99 truly isn't very much to be able to admin unlimited Joomla! sites from your iPhone, but in the world of iPhone Apps $9.99 is on the high end.  JAM! lite is free and allows unlimited access to the Article tools available in the full version.

JAM! Lite actually has a few sorting features that aren't available on the full version.  Apple has been on a rejection spree lately and the App was turned down once for an icon, and once since it mentioned upgrading to the full version.  These new features were developed during this window and Covert Apps was kind enough to include them instead of pulling them out.

With the release of JAM! Lite, Covert Apps will now focus on new features, largely pulled from user requests

J o o m l a !

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