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Keep It Simple Stupid

Where do you stop. You've got a great idea for an extension but at what point do you say enough is enough and release. There has to be a point in the development of an extension where adding additional features actualy detracts from the effectiveness of the extension rather than adding to it.

The featuritis curve

The best extension is one that does the job it was initialy designed more and nothing else.

If I wanted to add social bookmarking to the content I would have installed a specialised social bookmarking extension - it will probably handle it far better than your photo galery and offer more specific features.

Concentrate on making your extension do what it was designed for and not in making a "one size fits all" extension that will probaby fail to satisfy anyone's needs but your own.

(Apologies to the author of this image for not crediting you but I can't remember where I found this image)

J o o m l a !

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