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How to start an open source project
How to start an open source project

Earlier today I read a tweet that led me to a web page that led me to another web site that finally dropped me into spending 25 minutes watching a video on Vimeo.

Now I'm not usually a great watcher of online videos, especially when I'm travelling and on a dodgy 3G internet connection but something about this presentation grabbed my attention.

If I could be bothered I would spend some time summarising the video and abstracting the key points. But as you should know by now I'm lazy and don't like to repeat things if I really don't have to.

So grab a coffee, some nice biscuits, settle down in a comfortable seat and watch the presentation.

Oh and don't forget to have a pen and paper ready for the copious notes you will be taking throughout the video as Jeremy Ruston, Head of Open Source Innovation at BT, goes through the steps of creating an Open Source project.

It's one of those presentations that's full of concepts and ideas that just make sense when you hear them out aloud.

J o o m l a !

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Brian Teeman

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