install amp on windows with chocolatey

This is a guest blog post by Walt Sorensen.

Installing Amp on Windows can be a challenge at times, but thanks to Chocolatey: the package manager for Windows the whole process is a lot simpler. Chocolatey is a lot like the Linux tool apt-get and makes installing and managing packages simple.

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Every Open Source project faces many of the same problems. Sure, our solutions and implementations will be different but we are all looking at the same things. We can all benefit from each others experience. This is one of the reasons that I regularly attend my local Drupal user group. Not to learn about Drupal but to learn how they addressed the issue and what were the reasons behind the decisions. 

Of course the fact that they are a great group of people and we enjoy a beer or three together after the meeting helps as well.

This is a guest blog post by Elisa Foltyn

I already setup a lot of websites, but usualy the customers only make small changes to the contents, added some news and left the bigger tasks for me.

This year a customer came along, to whom I promised: “You will be able to edit content very easy.” - Isn’t it the User Experience Guarantee we always give to our users?