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Joomla web hosting with ScalaHosting

It's hard to believe that more than three years have passed since I first embarked on the journey of hosting my websites with ScalaHosting. As someone who relies heavily on a robust and reliable hosting service, I am thrilled to share that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. I want to reflect on the last three years and highlight how ScalaHosting continues to exceed my expectations with outstanding support and innovative features.

Reliable Performance

The consistent speed and reliability have not only improved user experience but also contributed to the overall success of my online presence. In an industry where reliability is key, ScalaHosting has proven time and again that they are not just a hosting service but a reliable partner in my online endeavours. I have never experienced any significant (more than a few minutes) downtime with ScalaHosting, and my websites have always been fast and responsive. This means I can focus on my business and not worry about the technical aspects of hosting.

Exceptional Support

What truly sets ScalaHosting apart is their unparalleled customer support. Over the past three years, I've encountered a few technical challenges, as any website owner might. However, each time, the support team at ScalaHosting has proven to be a beacon of reliability. Their prompt response times, even on Christmas Day, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to resolving issues swiftly have made troubleshooting a breeze. The team at ScalaHosting has consistently exceeded my expectations. It's refreshing to know that, even after three years, I can rely on their support team to provide the assistance I need. This level of commitment to customer service is a rare gem in the hosting industry and a testament to ScalaHosting's dedication to its users.

New Features and Innovations

In addition to reliable performance and exceptional support, ScalaHosting has continually impressed me with the introduction of new features and innovations. From enhanced security features to performance optimizations, these updates not only keep my website running smoothly but showcase a commitment to staying at the forefront of hosting technology. I have never had to check if the server is running the latest version of php or MySQL because ScalaHosting always keeps their servers up to date. I am excited to see what new features ScalaHosting will introduce in the future.

Make The Switch

The importance of a reliable and efficient hosting provider cannot be overstated. While it might be tempting to stick with a subpar host, especially if you've already prepaid for their services, you must remember that your time is valuable. There is never a good reason to endure constant downtimes, slow loading speeds, or unresponsive customer support. Instead of settling for mediocrity, consider the long-term benefits of migrating to a host that prioritizes your website's performance and your overall satisfaction. Don't be afraid to make the switch – your online presence deserves a reliable home.

Investing in a quality hosting service is an investment in the success of your online presence. Don't let a prepaid plan tie you down to a poor host – take control of your web hosting destiny and elevate your online experience today.


The performance, exceptional support, and continuous introduction of new features have solidified my trust in ScalaHosting. Here's to many more years of hosting all my sites and my clients sites at ScalaHosting and the exciting surprises that they undoubtedly have in store for the future.

Bonus For Reading To The End

If you find yourself hesitating or unsure about the transition, I can sweeten the deal. Until the end of this month, December 2023, you can enjoy an extra 25% discount on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with ScalaHosting (applied at checkout). This is a golden opportunity to experience the unparalleled performance, exceptional support, and innovative features that have made my hosting experience so pain-free over the past three years. 

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