Joomla 4 - we did it together

Web accessibility is the process of making sure that your website is accessible to everyone. Far too many people assume that accessibility means adding an alt description to an image and making sure that the colour contrast is ok. Perhaps they have even heard of something called WCAG or ARIA. Or maybe they have even used a browser based accessibility checker tool. Those are all important but they are only a small part to removing barriers.

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Joomla means “all together”. From the founding of Joomla we have taken pride in reducing the barriers to entry. We removed the barrier of cost, we removed the barrier of language and we removed the barriers to change found in a closed source application.

For many years we have talked about responsive web design - the ability to use a website on any device. What we don’t talk about is responsible web design - the ability for everyone to use a web site equally.

I’d like to thank Brian for inviting me to be a guest blogger with the exciting topic of GDPR. I agreed to write this after a drink in the pub with Brian, where amongst other things we were discussing how GDPR would affect a few of the websites he and I advise people about. He allowed me to have my usual rant about how there are people out there making money from advising companies about GDPR, but when you look at their advice what they actually say is “you need to think about” or “this is what the rules say”. What most small companies need is to be told here’s what you should do… so that’s what I’m attempting to do in this blog post.