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how many joomla web sites
how many joomla web sites

How many joomla sites are there in the world? Or perhaps of more interest what percentage of successful web sites are created with joomla? And what are the Top 10 joomla sites.

The number of downloads of joomla is interesting but it doesn't really give a true figure of installations, especialy as you could use one download 100 times or just install it directly from your host.

The only way to tell is to actually sit down and count them all.

And that is exactly what AlexRed and the team at have done.

There might be millions of blogs created at etc but as the vast majority of these are never really used I am only interested in successful web sites. We're only interested in successful web sites so they started with the "Top 1 million" web sites, as ranked by traffic, according to With that list, here, they were then able to "scan" those sites to produce a list of joomla sites.

Multiple techniques were used, to remove false positives, sites were first identified by the robots.txt and then the presences of certain images and other indicators.

After all that "counting" they were left with a list of 25,000 sites from the original one million.

So 2.5% of "successful" web sites are running joomla.

As I'm fond of saying there are lies, dam lies and statistics so can the figure of 2.5% be extrapolated across "all web sites"? Probably not, but the graph below shows an increased prevalence of joomla sites as the Alexa traffic rank reduces so "perhaps" a more accurate figure would be 3%.


chart of top joomla sites


There is no point in counting the pennies in the jar if you don't do something with them.

Alex, and his team, have thought of that. is a new site, luanched today, that is a directory of "all" the joomla sites that they found, together with various other information about those sites.

The fun bit is that we can now use that site to search for joomla usage by TLD etc.

And now for the Joomla Top 10

No suprises who is at Number 1 but some of the others i hadn't heard about.

Congratulations and thanks to AlexRed and the rest of the team for producing this data - if you find any errors don't tell me, tell Alex ;)

J o o m l a !

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