baby behind prison bars

... the sad but true story of a developer who stole from another developer and got caught.

If you ask two chefs to write a recipe for roast chicken you will get two different recipes but the chicken "might" taste similar.

If you ask two artists to paint your portrait you will get two different paintings but they will "look" similar.

If you ask two joomla developers to create a basic weather module you will get two different modules but they will both "show" the weather.

Or so you might think.

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This is a question that I've pondered for a long time and this is about the fourth time I have sat down to write.

Joomla is rightly very proud of the number of languages that it is available in, there cannot be many Open source projects that offer the same range, almost 60 at the last count.

Yet is exclusively in English.

Exactly four years ago, on the 16th September 2005, Joomla 1.0 was released.

Happy Birthday!!

Have a slice of cake!!


The web was meant to be read, not squished.
This isn't the way to test a responsive design.