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Many years ago, when I was young and innocent, I lived in a self-sufficient "closed" community but now that I am older, and more mature (?), it is more accurate to say that today I chose to "participate" or "belong" to several different communities.

In the world of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (F/LOSS) the word "community" is used as a badge, often without any true understanding  of what the word really means.

Joomla, like many F/LOSS projects, claims to be a community project but have you thought what that really means?

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I received the following email last week

"Should we stall new clients until 1.6 is released, or build their sites on 1.5 knowing there will be some future re-work to migrate them to 1.6?  Maybe we should build now on 1.5 and leave them on 1.5?"

As I was writing a reply I realised that it might be better to appear here on the blog for others to read (and perhaps even comment).

Whilst looking through the list of high traffic joomla sites at I was disappointed, but not surprised to see that many of them were warez sites offering links to rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload etc.

Not all of these are offering joomla warez but almost every day a new warez site pops up on my google alert offering me the latest and greatest Joomla extensions and templates.

Is it worth the effort trying to close these sites down? At best all that you will really be able to achieve is to get the hosting account closed down and they will spring back up again in a few days.

If your work is being offered on these warez sites then take it as a compliment and a free advert that someone is ripping of your work and move along. I know I did.

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