peak up! I can't hear your web site

Every day I read and hear a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEF (Search Engine Friendly) urls.

For me the number one question is "are the urls HEF (Human Ear Friendly)?"

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Of course he does. If he still has time to use the net then it's a fairly safe bet that at some point he will visit a joomla powered web site.

With Joomla being used by the UN, National Governments, leading NPO's and US Senators and Governors he surely must.

But that isn't what this blog post is really all about or why there is a photo of lion accompanying this blog post.

happy birthday joomlaWow has it really been four years since Peter Russell and I sat down and wrote the press release that announced the birth of Joomla!.

So much has changed since then and yet so much is still the same.

Happy Birthday and congratulations to everyone who was there on that day, September 1st 2005.

In 2006 Johan and myself celebrated the first bithday with a cake and a candle at the first Joomla!Day in the UK.

Will you be celebrating today or perhaps having a JUG (Joomla User Group) party?

(I really should consign that photo to the trash - it was certainly a bad hair day. )

The web was meant to be read, not squished.
This isn't the way to test a responsive design.