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top 10 joomla extensions
top 10 joomla extensions

Wherever I am I always seem to be asked for my top 10 joomla extensions.

So instead of keep repeating myself I'm writing them here and I can just point people at the blog and talk about something more interesting instead when I meet you.

This is MY list and I'm sure people will have other some other ideas so please add them in the comments.

  1. Uses joomla MVC architecture so that I can fully customise the layout
  2. Does not attempt to force me to display a backlink to the developer on the front end of my site
  3. Has correct router file so that I can enable SEF urls
  4. Supports the joomla ftp layer
  5. Does not silently create files with insecure 777 permissions or recommend the creation of directories with 777 permissions
  6. Does not attempt to hide hidden links or messages in my site
  7. Uses the default joomla admin interface and does not attempt to reinvent the wheel with its own interface
  8. Promptly notifies me of all new releases and updates and clearly marks any security issues as security issues and not just bugs.
  9. Uses the joomla upgrade method for new versions and does not require me to un-install and re-install
  10.  Is correctly GPL licenced and not just a cut down version of a proprietary extension.

  11. Uses JText for all text strings so that the extension can be translated easily
    just like the speakers in Spinal Tap this list is so good it goes all the way up to 11

If you really want a list of specific extensions for Top 10 Joomla extensions then check out the list Peter van Westen has published.


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