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thank you OSM
thank you OSM

Several months ago the "new" OSM board published a set of accounts.

At the time many people in the community questioned the amount of money that was being spent on Legal and PR agency fees.

Today I saw that OSM have published an updated set of accounts and I'm really pleased with what I saw.

The amount of money being spent on Legal and PR have been drastically reduced. Thank you OSM for listening to the community and taking action.

I won't comment any more on the figures as I'm sure that the Interim Treasurer of OSM, Steve Burge, will do so in d course.

There are still many areas of the financial figures which are of some concern (e.g. the lack of donations and the under budget income from the demo site) but it's great to see such positive changes.

I feel confident that with continued good financial management the project will once again be able to support Joomla community initiatives, events, meetings etc.

Thank you!!!

J o o m l a !

Brian Teeman

Brian Teeman

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