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Yesterday was world backup day. Did you remember to take your backups? Of course you're taking them daily aren't you and not just once a year!!

Every Joomla user knows that they can use the awesome Akeeba Backup to take a backup of their site quickly and easily and even automate the process so that the backup is taken daily, with the backup archives stored in a secure off-site location.

When you went to backup your WordPress, phpBB, PrestaShop or other php/sql web site were you jealous?

Did you sit there wondering why it was so much harder to backup your WordPress web site?

Have you struggled to move your WordPress web site from your development server to the live host? Have you cursed that a task that Akeeba Backup makes so easy for your Joomla sites is so "dam" hard and time consuming for all the other sites you develop?

Well don't despair.

Today, April 1st 2014, is a ground breaking day when ALL the power of Akeeba Backup comes to WordPress... and phpBB and Prestashop.

Introducing Akeeba Solo and Akeeba Backup for Wordpress

Yes that's right today Akeeba Solo AND Akeeba Backup for WordPress are released. Not just one version there are two brand new releases.

Akeeba Backup for WordPress is specifically for WordPress (obviously) and offers all the same features that Joomla users have become accustomed to relying on but now available INSIDE your WordPress web site.

The other version, Akeeba Solo, is a completely standalone product that can backup ANY php/sql based web site. And it just doesn't take a backup it recognises Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and PrestaShop web sites and customises the backup so that it is incredibly easy to restore the site or transfer it to a new server or push it from your local development site to the live hosting.

If you are familiar with Akeeba Backup for Joomla then you will know what to do and how to use it from the moment it is installed. All the features you have grown to rely on are there, including scheduling, multiple databases, file exclusions and so much more.

And if you are a documentation geek then it even comes with a 150+ page manual (I should know I proof read every page - I didn't count but there might even be more lines of documentation than their are lines of code)

J o o m l a !

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