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Easily create web site images

Some people are able to open up a graphic editor and produce stunning original artwork for their web sites. I'm not one of those people. For me it's usually a case of searching the net in the hope of finding the perfect graphic that exactly matches my needs. Usually I fail in that search and end up with the closest thing I can find.

Yesterday I found a new web site that does all the hard work for you.

With Canva you can quickly and easily take any of their stock elements and completely customise them to your exact needs. It's very quick and incredibly easy to use. There are loads of prebuilt layouts that you can just drop images into and everything is editable.

If you need to create a graphic for a facebook cover or advert, a business card or poster, a blog image or inforgraphic then Canva is the tool for you - even if you are artistically challenged like me

You can use any of over a million images in your design or simply upload your own photos to include. It is so simple to use that even I can create the perfect image for my web sites.


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Brian Teeman

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