Friends forever

Where did we meet?

Today I'm turning the blog over to you. 

Inspired by a facebook post by Jono Bacon, just use the comments to say where and when we've met. Of course if you have something more interesting to say about it feel free to do so and perhaps even link to a photo or video.

With so many Joomla events happening in the next few months perhaps we will meet again or for the first time at one of them.

Febuary 4 - JoomlaNight Sweden

March 12-13 - JoomlaDay India 

April 2 - JoomlaDay New England, USA

April 2-3 - JoomlaDay Netherlands

April 2-3 - JoomlaDay France

May 6-8 - J and Beyond Europe

These are just the events in the Joomla world for the next few months. There are many more to come!!!