joomla plt and clt meeting

Reports from the CLT and PLT meetings at Joomla!Day West

During the Joomla!Day West event that took place at the beginning of October the Community and Production leadership teams were able to get together for several days of discussions, planning and team building.

I've been keeping an eye and ear out for some sort of reports from these events on but haven't seen anything yet.

Suffering from JCD (more about that in a later blog post) I've managed to gather some information from the event to share here.

The Community Leadership Team (CLT) Summit

Matt Lipscomb gave some information about the CLT meeting during a JoomStew news briefing that's worth listening to.

The Production Leadership Team (PLT) Summit

Jean-Marie Simonet included some information from the PLT meeting during his presentation at Joomla!Day Italy.


Chris Davenport gave this report during JoomlaDay UK

Thanks to the supporters of Joomla! for their financial support to enable these important summits to take place.