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tesco the world's third largest retailer
tesco the world's third largest retailer

Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world just behind Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

When a global company with annual profits exceeding £3billion per year adopts Joomla! you know it's not about the price.

Today they announced the launch of their online learning portal, AcademyOnline, for over 400,000 staff around the world using Joomla and Moodle.


Tesco has recently developed Academy Online, its new learning portal which it is hoped will eventually serve the learning needs of over 400,000 staff across Tesco's global businesses. Kineo, the leading e-learning solutions provider, was chosen by Tesco to design and develop the portal solution, using its experience in combining user experience and web design, and development strength in open source tools such as Moodle.

tesco academy joomla web siteThis landmark project makes pioneering use of open source technologies including Moodle and Joomla to allow Tesco staff to access all their learning needs online for the first time. The eventual scale of the project will make it one of the largest ever implementations of the Moodle platform in the corporate learning space. Kineo has designed and developed over 100 Moodle solutions for its clients, and on this project combined Joomla to add further functionality and enhance the user experience.

The solution stands out from others by integrating a web-like portal experience together with the business benefits of tracking and learning content management that a learning management system brings.

Mark Roberts, Tesco Academy Senior Project Manager commented:

"Our main focus with this project has been to deliver a world class user experience for our staff. It's important for us to give our staff the highest quality learning opportunities and Academy Online helps deliver this. We looked across the market place to select a partner and Kineo offered us the right expertise in both technology and learning, working with us all the way to ensure our vision was met. The use of this open source technology in our business is a real milestone in our approach to learning. Kineo's support and service has made it possible to turn our vision to reality and in a really short timescale."

Matt Fox, Kineo Director commented:

"We are really proud to have worked with such a fantastic brand as Tesco. We've helped them realise their vision for the use of learning through this portal and shown that open source can work in a corporate environment at scale. The portal we've developed provides a deceptively simple user experience but with great flexibility to deal with the complex needs of the business. It shows that open source tools such as Moodle and Joomla can be used to great effect to address corporate needs."

Some more information about this monster Joomla! and Moodle implementation can be found at the Kineo web site

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