Programming Joomla Plugins - I am not a developer

Earlier this year Jisse asked if I was prepared to review the book he was writing on Joomla plugins.

Proof reading is something that strangely I enjoy doing even if it is quite a slow and tedious task. However I did warn Jisse that I wouldn't be able to review anything other than the language as "I am not a developer".

I have always known that plugins are one of the most powerful features of Joomla but as "I am not a developer" I have always had to rely on plugins published on the JED or pay someone to develop them for me.

After reading the book I have surprised myself by being able to write several content plugins. That may not seem a big deal to many of you but it certainly is for me - "I am not a developer".

"I wish this book had been written earlier, it would have saved me so much time."

Don't get me wrong this book is NOT just for beginners like me. Check out the index and you will see that the book covers some really advanced plugin development as well.

Buy the book and surprise yourself - you will be writing your own plugins in no time at all even if like me you always say "I am not a developer".