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eating my words

I've said it before and I will say it again - I don't like Virtuemart as software for building ecommerce sites in joomla.

A tweet of mine is even being made into a t-shirt for me and I will wear it with pride.

Friends don't let friends install virtuemart!!

Today I had planned to go shopping in town but thanks to the snow I have escaped and am sat at home in the warmth. Sadly that doesn't mean the gifts don't need to be bought so I'm doing it all online.

Being the joomla geek that I am whenever I land on a website I can't help myself from checking to see if the site was built with joomla.

Looking for some soaps and other girly cosmetics I went to Lush which is a major retail chain in the UK for this sort of stuff. Not a store I ever visit as I find the mix of heady aromas always makes me sneeze but if that's what I need to buy I will struggle through and use the web site instead. (Thank goodness there is no such thing as a css class for aroma)

Of course I wasn't suprised to see that the web site is created in Joomla, aren't all great web sites? But what where they using for the ecommerce part of the site?

Were they following my personal preference of using a dedicated ecommerce application on a subdomain?

Looking a little closer at it I was confused as it looked great. Had lush discovered some hot new ecommerce component for Joomla?

No!! They had worked out how to make virtuemart rock!!

Check out the gallery below for yourself. It really is true you can build a virtuemart shop that doesn't look abysmal.

J o o m l a !

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