joomla community

There is no Joomla community

Many years ago, when I was young and innocent, I lived in a self-sufficient "closed" community but now that I am older, and more mature (?), it is more accurate to say that today I chose to "participate" or "belong" to several different communities.

In the world of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (F/LOSS) the word "community" is used as a badge, often without any true understanding  of what the word really means.

Joomla, like many F/LOSS projects, claims to be a community project but have you thought what that really means?

"A community is nothing more than a group of individuals congregating together for whatever particular purpose they choose to be in such a group"

  1. What does that mean in the world of joomla?
  2. Is there a shared purpose?
  3. Is there really such a thing as a joomla community?

Mitch Pirtle, a fellow co-founder of Joomla & OpenSource Matters, said to me several years ago that there was "... no such thing as the joomla community ..." and he is right. [Doesn't often happen that Mitch and I agree]

The fabled "joomla community" does not exist, Joomla is a "community of communities"!

  1. A community of users
  2. A community of consumers
  3. A community of friends

Together these communities, and there are obviously multiple groupings and combinations of each type, form the "Joomla community of communities". Labelling a group as a "community" certainly does not imply or require that group to be an elected democracy, nor does it imply that "everyone's opinion counts equally" within the group. But they are still a community.

Is Joomla a community project?

It is but perhaps not in the same generalised terms as some people think.

Joomla is:

  1. community designed
  2. community developed
  3. community driven
  4. community supported

That does not mean that every individual in the "Joomla community of communities" participates in, or is entitled to a say in any of those areas but they can if they want to.

So yes Joomla is a community project and there are Joomla communities but it is up to you as an individual to make the effort to become part of that community.


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