talk to joomla extension developers

Is there an extension that you regularly use and regularly modify (hack)? If you're anything like me then I'm confident that you have found a joomla extension that is just perfect for a site but just needed a little tweaking.

When I mentioned this to several people during Joomla!Day many people came back with the same answer, "Oh yes I always use XXXX but each time they release an update I have to re-apply my fixes".

That's a pain in the proverbial butt, of course, and yet not one of the people I spoke to had actually passed on their "fixes" to the extension developer.


When a new (security) release of joomla is released how do you do the update?

Do you actually look at the changes or do you blindly do an update either via ftp or using an automated "update extension"

Blindly updating your site is not good security!!!

What? Is Brian saying that we shouldn't keep our joomla sites up to date. Absolutely not.

Are you a "supporter/fan" of Joomla?

Would you like a simple and easy way to show your support?

How about joining a "Joomla Supporters Club".

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