joomla automatic update

When a new (security) release of joomla is released how do you do the update?

Do you actually look at the changes or do you blindly do an update either via ftp or using an automated "update extension"

Blindly updating your site is not good security!!!

What? Is Brian saying that we shouldn't keep our joomla sites up to date. Absolutely not.


Are you a "supporter/fan" of Joomla?

Would you like a simple and easy way to show your support?

How about joining a "Joomla Supporters Club".

OK I know what you're thinking this is a blog about joomla and web development so what is Brian doing writing about Michael Jackson for. Sure his death is sad news, especially for those of us who grew up with The Jackson 5 but why give it space on this blog.

What many of you may not know is that in December 2004 his web site " - The Official Source of Michael Jackson News & Information" was launched  using Mambo.

The web was meant to be read, not squished.
This isn't the way to test a responsive design.